Guts Pie Earshot, what´s up?

30 Years of Guts Pie Earshot…
For the moment we are still active and playing concerts (dates are on our concerts site)
and we are also searching for places to play in 2024, so if you have any idea or suggestion, feel free to write us!
(Anyway btw: we are searching for a booking agency)

(live in Knust Hamburg)

Our focus in the last year 2023 was on the world of theatre! We made the music for a play MOBY DICK in Stadttheater Bielefeld, a trailer is here:


And we are very happy to present an other theatre project we made the music for: the german premiere from Olivier Sylvestre „Sexualkunde im neuen Jahrtausend“ produced by Magz Barrawasser.
It is played in Leipzig


beside that we are happy we did again the music for the trapeze show from omnivolant !

Omnivolant mit Guts Pie Earshot