together with NOMI & AINO we made a soundtrack CD and LP for the cinema film "DECKNAME JENNY" ! i will be available mid march 2018!
guts pie earshot and nomi&aino deckname jenny

we need to talk...

a few years ago we had written something about ours but also about the general situation of bands and musicians … financialy, mentally.. and that at that time we had already considered how it can go on and whether.
so… “somehow" it continued ... and we thank all those who made this possible!
we then founded 2 more projects (woodloop and dubvasion) and had the chance at the theater bielefeld to make music for a play - reasonably well paid for 2 years.
but ... you could say we are broke.
as a band, but also in person.

Overall, the situation has not changed for the good in terms of salary and demands.
the social stalemate comes also to us.
In the capitalist speech we are indeed "retailer“, and their situation is all bad , small shops fight for survival against amazon etc ... and we are similar, no matter how radical left we are, we have to pay our food and rents.

we are musically special, that's great, but also ... not so easy to join the mainstream. bands like fine „Feine Sahne Fischfilet“, Irie Revoltés“, „Beginners“ ... who used to play in the afternoon program while we headed the little festivals for a time ... are now big stars while we just stayed in a way where we've always been in a special way.

so… DIY OR DIE can quickly become DIY AND DIE ...

the sound carriers and t-shirt sales are simply too less over the channels that we use - unlike in the past, they generate now too less real money ​​that could support us, it is more or less cost-covering.
festivals are so busy with so many bands on on tour who must play to survive cause of the lack of selling records. This is no longer „just a call“ in the style of "hey should we play this year again?“…
we are happy to do what we do and celebrate this year our 25th birthday .... but if manage to continue next year ... there are real doubts…
we both will be this year half a century old… and if we can still do guts pie earshot the next 25 years… at the age of 75 ... well ... we will see…

At the moment we are missing everything that a band is getting alive these days, so we just realize that in many ways we are still in the 90s ...:
- money money and again: money !!! - to survive and pay off our debts.
(by the way: you can always send something to us: via paypal:

(Comes weird for some, but ... that's really supporting us ...)
- a booking agency and logistics that believes in us and professionally supported because DIY booking becomes more difficult.
- related: concerts ... also abroad.
- a fee from what we can pay more than only for the gasoline and the rent for the bus ...
- we could need an own bus so that you do not have to pay 80 euros per day…
- More and more simply good advertising that many people come to the concerts
- at many places: more audience ... - there are places where it still works super cool and that's great !! but without intensive advertising it does not work in many places.
- someone who transfers our website to wp (for free or low cost if possible …)
- professional video, photos ... because we realize that today is just standard to be able to play iwo, invited to festivals etc ...

and much more...
Ideas are welcome !!
and we hope that we will survive this depression…
we are happy if you share this!

Fast 25 Jahre Guts Pie Earshot, mit 13 Alben, mehr als 1500 Konzerte und runde 800 000 Kilometer quer durch Europa und einem umfassenden, vielseitigen und kreativen und politischen DIY Schaffen…

Nur wenige Bands können Attribute wie authentisch, solidarisch, integrativ und gleichzeitig undogmatisch so glaubwürdig tragen wie Guts Pie Earshot. Diese Musik bedeutet Bewegung, Entwicklung und jede Menge Freude.

Was die einmalige Stärke von Guts Pie Earshot ausmacht: Weltmusik- Anhänger mit Punks zu versöhnen und Metal-Fans ebenso zu begeistern wie Drum ́n Bass- oder Techno-Anhänger.

denn Rizio und Scheng-Fou schaffen am elektronisch verzerrten Cello und Schlagzeug einen Sound, der eher einen orchestralen Rahmen als ein Duo vermuten lässt.

man spürt die Punk-Wurzeln, diese rohe Energie gepaart mit Beats oft weit über 200 BPM. Gleichzeitig hat das Duo sich bewusst auch immer wieder auf eine filigrane Studioarbeit eingelassen, um die verschiedenen Einflüsse aus Mestizio, Techno, Punk, Dubstep und Trance mit einer Selbstverständlichkeit und Leichtigkeit zu integrieren, die ihresgleichen sucht.

Auf weitere 25 Jahre Guts Pie Earshot!

if you want to support us, our music, our work, our life … or what ever… feel free to klick on the link below…


music is not only sound.
music can be widely more,
music can go so much farer…

in these times sometimes it´s
difficult to see a light in the end
of the tunnel…

but we believe in the power that
music can give to survive, also in
times which seems to be boring,
like a silence before the storm….

we believe that music is a way to
get the power to fight… together

against fascism
against racism
against sexism
against homphobia

it gives us the strength to believe
in our own way and vision.

love music, hate fascism!

nearly 25 Years ...

founded in 1993 …

What does it mean to us?

nearly 25 Years of traveling...
nearly 25 Years of struggle for survive...
nearly 25 Years of struggle for projects...
nearly 25 Years of politics...

1500 concerts...
13 releases….

it is a long long time with many
ups and downs,
we made so many experiences,
we met so many people
we saw so many countries

we met so many
idealistic people becoming boring,
boring people becoming idealistic

we saw so many cool projects built,
we saw so many projects destroyed.

we are really really grateful
to all of you
who keep us alive …

we are grateful to have the chance
to be part of a time… of a scene…
that we love to support
and wich supports us.


we thought
it would be nice to get all our stuff
between 1993 and 2013 for
free download…

all the albums are now at soundcloud and for free download!

even if of course we are always happy to
get some donations if you want to support
us … :)

> click here to find them